So this is a bit of a mixed post. We got some really fantastic news that we were battling against another potential couple for the link with our potential child and that we were choosing as the more suitable potential match over the other couple. As you can imagine we over the moon and this really made it feel so real. We decided it was time to start buying the things we need and do the things we need to do regardless of whether we got this child or another one- you know, stair gates, generic bedroom furniture etc etc, just to give us a bit of a focus and also to spread the cost out a little as we know how quickly it will all go when and if we are approved by matching panel. We had finally received the CPR and it was great to read through even if it was a bit hard to read at times.

Fast forward to just under a week later and in our monthly SW meeting we were informed that the social worker for the child has quit the industry and will not be available to be present at our 4 way meeting and as no-one has stepped in to replace her as of yet we are now in limbo land waiting for a new social worker to be assigned and hopefully then a 4 way panel date can be arranged. We are not too fussed about the length it will take to get the matched finalised as it gives me time to tie up loose ends with work before taking my leave but it is the uncertainty of when the next stage will happen that is hard to manage. If we knew that the 4 way meeting would be a month and then another two months to approval panel we would be okay with that but the reality of waiting an undetermined amount of time for the next stage is frustrating. At this point our next steps are out of both ours and our social worker’s hands which is frustrating for all of us. We have a fantastic social worker and we know she will fight our corner but I wish she didn’t have to and the process would be a little bit smoother for us.