Hi everyone. It has been a longgggggggg time since my last update- apologies for that but there has been little to report since my last post.

So today we had our first meeting with our link’s foster carer. The only way I can describe this meeting was overwhelming. It was so amazingly fantastic to meet someone who knows our prospective child inside and out but it was also extremely surreal. We were treated to seeing at least 100 photos over his life since birth right up to this morning and some videos of him playing and toddling around. To see that many photos and his progress since birth was so amazing.

It was at times though a very difficult meeting as it was clearly very difficult for his Foster Carer to approach this stage and to soon have to say goodbye to the child she has raised since birth and it was very difficult to hold your excitement in at the expense of this woman’s sacrifice. I cannot explain the level of gratitude to the fantastic work she has done in raising him and providing him with such a level of stability and love.

My advice for these meetings now would be- go in prepared with as many questions as possible (I had over 130!!) but let the Foster Carer talk freely rather than bombarding him questions. We both found that we got a lot more information about him by talking freely rather than throwing questions at her.

I am so glad this is an opportunity we had at this stage and I am experiencing such a mixture of emotions now- but all positive ones. Or next stage is to meet his Medical Advisor then it is on to Approval Panel.