Oh it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Well since I last checked in last July a lot has happened. Our son came home with us early last August and oh my god what a whirlwind. I am not gonna lie- the start was tough. To have this little 16 month old waiting on you to do everything for him is a shock to the system I have never experienced. You go one day from having no child to having this little two foot human being asking for his bottle. The first few months were so special (but very hard at times) and I look back on them so fondly. It was so amazing to get to know our son. He found it very hard, it was clear he felt some sort of grief for the loss of his foster carer as he was extremely clingy to us for a very long time until he settled and fully bonded with us. It was almost as if he was scared we would leave him too.

Over the past 8 months or so we have had some great times. Our first family Xmas, his first holiday abroad, his second birthday and of course his naming day which we spent with some lovely friends and family. He is now officially our Callum.

We got a wee surprise back in December that our son’s birth Mum was due to give birth and give birth she did back in January. We are now in the process of being approved and assessed to take our son’s brother home. We are hoping to meet him very soon and we are going to matching panel in July- so by August we will have our second little bundle of joy and our wee family will be complete.

As always I will keep you updated on all details here.

Ciao for now.